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Supplying New York: Air Compressors, Compressed Air Dryers, Compressed Air Filters, Air Compressor Piping, Air Regulators, Compressed Air System Controls, Compressed Air Condensate Management, Air Compressor Automatic Drain Valves, Compressed Air Storage Tanks, Air Tools

New York’s Leading Air Compressor Supplier Since 1949

KG Power Systems has been helping New York optimize their Compressed Air Systems since 1949.  We take pride in working one on one with each of our NY customers, to guide them in buying the correct Air Compressor System for their application.  Serving: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island.

Purchasing a Durable and Reliable Air Compressor

An Air Compressor System can be a significant investment and this is why KG Power Systems follows a specific Compressed Air Purchase Process that carefully considers how you are applying the compressed air and why you are replacing/buying a new compressed air system component.

Diligent analysis will avoid unnecessary and costly compressed air purchases!  Don’t rush your decision, we have a full rental fleet that will supply air while we diagnose why your Compressed Air System failed.

K&G’s Typical Air Compressor Purchase Process

  1. Application: Detailed discussion of the application of your compressed air.  Are you using the air for air tools, manufacturing automation, dust collectors, paint spraying, product conveying…etc.
  2. On-site Visit: Walk through your existing Air Compressor System or new factory; recording point of use pressure and flow requirements while noting problem areas, concerns, or inefficient system components. 
  3. Compressed Air System Energy and Reliability Survey: Using Ingersoll Rand’s IntelliSurvey to monitor and record your compressed air system’s power usage, pressure and flow over a typical operating cycle.  The Survey records per second kW usage vs. air pressure and flow into thousands of data points on an external memory drive.  Once finished, we download the data and convert it into a user friendly report allowing us to determine exactly what is happening 24/7 with your compressed air system.
  4. Proposal: At this point we feel confident that we understand everything about your Compressed Air System and are ready to discuss the various options you have.  Many times a customer doesn’t need a new Air Compressor but rather needs to upgrade their compressed air dryer, air filters, air piping, storage tank or system regulation.   

This may seem like a long cycle to purchase an air compressor, but it is necessary if you are going to invest in a reliable and energy efficient Compressed Air System while avoiding costly mistakes.           

If you have any questions about your Air Compressor System, give us a call at 631-342-1171 or email us at Sales@kgpowersystems.com

Visit our Showroom at: 150 Laser Court, Hauppauge, NY 11788


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