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Shaft Machining and Pillow Block Bearing Replacement

Shaft Machining and Pillow Block Bearing Replacement

Commissioned: Suffolk County School District

Location: Long Island, NY

Date: 3/28/2011 – 3/31/2011

Services Provided: Machine a replacement shaft for an Air Handler, pillow block bearing replacement and blower balancing.

Background: KG Power Systems was contacted by a Suffolk County School District to troubleshoot a Commercial Air Handler in one of their buildings.  The Air handler was very noisy and vibrated excessively.   After reviewing the symptoms and troubleshooting the Air Handler, KG Power Systems noted that the shaft was extremely worn and the pillow block bearings failed, causing excessive vibration and noise.  Prolonged exposure to this would eventually cause the blower wheel to distort and become out of balance. 

Worn Air Handler Shaft
How to fix a worn Drive Shaft on a commercial air handler in new yokr, ny.  Shaft replacement

Failed bearing and neglect wore a groove in the drive shaft. 

Solution: To correct the problem, KG Power Systems pulled the worn shaft from the Air Handler and began machining a new shaft in K&G’s Long Island Repair Shop. 

Custom Shaft Replacement
Electric Motor Shaft Repair and Machining, New York Electric Motor Repair Shop, Machine Shop NY, Shaft Conditioning, custom machine shafts long island ny, air handler drive shaft replacement, shaft balancing Using a Milling Machine to cut a new ½” Center Key Way for the Blower Wheel and a ½” Key Way for the Coupling Connection.

KG Power Systems reinstalled the shaft and replaced the pillow block bearings.  The Field Tech used a Portable Balancer to ensure the Blower Wheel was in perfect balance. 

KG Power Systems was able to save the customer significant money and time by repairing the Air Handler rather than replacing it. 


Please Contact Irene for more information about this job:  Ph. 631-342-1171 or Irene@kgpowersystems.com



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