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KG Power Systems Wants to Help you Grow Your Business

In times like these, protecting and preserving your production dollar is more critical than ever before. KG Power Systems understands this and we offer programs that are expressly aimed at helping you and your operation survive, thrive and grow.   From Air Audits to a broad spectrum of Finance terms that help conserve precious working capital; KG Power Systems is here to help.

Why Finance?

Every dollar tied-up in capital equipment is a dollar denied to the bottom line. KG Power Systems understands this fundamental principle and we have responded by establishing a range of financing terms and programs that allow for maximum preservation of working capital.

Cash Flow Benefits Business Benefits
  • Preserve capital while improving operations
  • Wide range of products allow monthly payments to match cash flow needs
  • Low fixed monthly payments
  • Bank lines are preserved
  • Minimal documentation fee
  • Bundled financing allows for soft costs, extended warranty, maintenance and service contracts to be rolled into monthly payment
  • Competitive rates
  • 100% financing available
  • Get the equipment that is really needed at an affordable monthly cost
  • Reduce reliance on a single banking relationship
  • An additional credit reference is established
  • Internal approval for financing may be obtained faster and easier
  • Satisfy accounting requirements
  • Meet tax objectives
  • Ease of purchase process

Additional Documents

•   Compressed Air Stimulus Plan
•   Financing Application Process
•   Payment Options

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