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Air Compressor System Parts

We carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts for your complete compressed air system.  From the internal components of your air compressor and dryer, to your distribution piping and points of use (filter/regulator/lubricator).  We are also New York's Ingersoll Rand Distributor. 

Parts Manufacturers
Air Filters Ingersoll-Rand Atlas Copco
Seperators Quincy Arrow
Solenoid Valves Gardener Denver Air Tech
Oil Fitlers Sullair Domincik Hunter
In-Line Filters Kobelco Zeks
Drain Traps Compair Hankinson
  Palateck Eaton


Electric Motor & Drive Parts

We have a vast inventory of electromechanical replacement parts.  Including: electric motors, bearings, shafts, seals, embells, VSD, electrical motor control components, motor protection devices etc.

Parts Manufacturers
Bearings Pulleys US Electric Motors
Brushes Bushings Baldor
Coils Sleeves AO Smith
Heaters Bearing Grease Emerson
Cotactors Couplings Yaskawa
Capacitors Coupling Inserts Siemens
Centrifugal Switches   Cutler Hammer
Conversion Bases   Allen Bradley
Fuses   Hammond
Key Pads    

Pump Parts

KG Power Systems has a full scale pump repair shop with a large inventory of repair parts for all pump makes and models.

Parts  Manufacturers

Mechanical Seals

Couplings Hayward
Oil Seals Coupling Guards Wienman


  Bell & Gossett
Gaskets   Taco
Venturi   Griswold
Diffuser   Federal Pump
Slide Rails    
Check Valves    


Fans & Blower Parts

Since we are in the electric motor business it makes sense to work with fans. KG Power Systems repairs and supplies parts for all types of fan and blower systems.

Parts  Manufacturers
Fan Blades Blower Wheels Lau
Shafts   Loren Cook
Pulleys   Green Heck
Belts   Nesbitt
Pillow Block Bearings    

Blowers & Vacuum Pumps Parts

KG Power Systems has extensive experience repairing process blowers and vacuum pumps. We also stock the necessary parts to overhaul blowers and vacuum pumps.

Parts   Manufacturers
Vanes   Hibbon
Lobes   Kaesser
Stators   Roots
Silencers   Gardener Denver


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