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DC Wash Down Motors
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DC Wash Down Motors

Permanent magnet DC motors are available with a choice for standard painted or paint-free finishes. PMDC motors may be used for adjustable speed applications such as conveyors or packing equipment. They may be paired with our BCWD140 Washdown DC SCR control.

For use in food, beverage or chemical processing plants in which themotor is routinely exposed to high-pressure washdowns, high humidity or caustic chemicals.

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Construction – • All: Internal corrosion protection • Stainless Steel: 300 Series stainless steel on all external components • Paint Free: Stainless steel frame, aluminumend shields • Painted: Steel frame with aluminumon cast iron end shields with white epoxy paint Shaft – 303 Stainless Steel Seals – VBX®† bearing isolators by Inpro/Seal on all stainless steel and paint freemotors. Lip seals and rotating shaft seals on paintedmotors. Drains – Stainless steel T-type drains on paint-free, stainless steel, and 140 & below frame size paintedmotors Nameplate– Laser etched on stainless frames. Stainless steel on painted frames



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