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Why K&G Rental?

We understand that prolonged downtime can’t be tolerated.  This is why we have invested in a large rental fleet of air compressors and air dryers.  We have also created relationships with other equipment providers, allowing us to expand our rental fleet and capabilities.   KG Power Systems is committed to helping you get up and running in all circumstances. 

Contingency Planning

A contingency plan helps a facility manager stay proactive rather than reactive.  Most times when a critical process has catastrophic failure there is a lot of time wasted on gathering name plate information, suppliers, voltage requirements, space issues, expedited shipping costs etc.  By arming yourself with a contingency plan you can save time and a headache in an emergency situation. 

Common Rental Applications

The four main rental applications for a facility manager are Emergency, Planned shutdown, Seasonal, and Special Events.   


Air Compressors 15CFM to 2050 cfm (5HP to 450HP)
- Available for planned or emergency shutdowns - Easy installation - Oil Free and Oil Flooded - Various pressures (65 to 5000 psig) - Professionally maintained for optimum performance

Compressed air dryers and filters
- Componenets available to dry and filter compressed air - Protects compressed air users from water and impurities - Improves productivity, system efficiency and product or process quality

Portable Diesel Air Compressors
- Provides temporary compressed air - Ideal for construction sites and seasonal irrigation blowouts

Air Handling Units 5,000 - 25,000 cfm
- Turn cold water from the chiller into cold air - Ideal for providing air conditioning to a warehouse

Chillers 10 to 1,000 tons
- Air and Water Cooled - Equiped to provide quick restoration of cooling in emergency and planned shutdown situations

Cooling Towers 250 - 750 ton
- Provide the cooling for water cooled chillers and can be used directly in some process cooling applications - Temporarily replace a tower that has gone down

Air-conditioning units 10-50 ton
- Provide the quickest and easiest source of temporary cold air - Restore cooling in an emergency; or cool a previously unconditioned space - Convenient for special venues such as outdoor sporting events

Generators 30kw - 2 mW
- Provides temporary power - Ideal for construction site - Well suited for standy applciations

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