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Contingency Planning

Who Is The Correct Candidate For A Contingency Plan?

A Facility Manager, Maintenance Manager or a Property Manager that repeatedly has critical equipment failure, extended downtime, rushed replacement, costly expedited shipping charges or frequent emergency service calls.  

What Is A Contingency Plan?

A contingency plan will help you understand your facility’s risks and potential costs, outline the critical equipment and processes, develop risk mitigation techniques, prepare the site for rental ready status, create an emergency downtime plan and document your facility’s history. 

How Does Someone Develop A Contingency Plan?

The process is collaborated between the facility manager, maintenance manager and one of our technicians.  We start with a simple walk through of your facility, noting critical equipment and problem areas.  K&G’s technician furthers the process by documenting all critical equipment’s information and assigning the equipment with unique facility #s.  By documenting your facility’s equipment you will save wasted time and avoid mistakes from rushed replacement.

How Much Does This Cost?

This service is Free!   



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