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Air Compressor Service New York

Air Compressor Repair and Service NY 

KG Power Systems has been New York’s leading Air Compressor Service and Repair Centers for over 60 years.  Our Air Compressor Service Team has grown on good customer relationships and is known for being a dependable Air Compressor Repair Shop.  We have a full team of factory trained service technicians that will help maintain your air system, prevent downtime, and respond to all emergencies.  Our 21,000 square ft. Air Compressor Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY has the capabilities to repair, rebuild and customize any make and model of air compressor. 

Call now to speak with K&G's Air Compressor Repair Team  631-342-1171


New York’s Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Service Center

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts Long Island New York

We are Ingersoll Rand’s exclusive New York Metro Area Air Compressor Service Center.  Our Long Island Warehouse carries an extensive inventory of IR Air Compressor Parts, expediting your compressor repair when it matters most.  Is your IR air compressor under warranty?  We are the authorized warranty center for all Ingersoll Rand compressed air components in the NY Metro Area and will make sure you receive the service you were guaranteed. 




24/7 Emergency Air Compressor Service in the NY Metro Area Desicant Dryer Repair NYC & Long Island
Through the years we have invested in a large service team to respond quickly to all of your compressed air emergencies. If you blow a belt, burn an electric motor, seize an air end, break a pressure switch or lose your compressed air dryer, we are here to help you get your compressed air system back and running. We have repair techs strategically located and ready to help in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island.

NY’s Number One Compressed Air Dryer Repair and Service Team

Compressed Air Dryer Repair Long Island, NY, Refrigeration Air Dryer Repair
Stop sacrificing your tools and product with an unreliable compressed air dryer.  We have years of experience getting New York’s compressed air dryers back to producing dry air.  Our compressed air techs are factory trained and certified to repair your refrigeration and desiccant dryers.  We have a complete stock of air dryer replacement parts, refrigeration, and desiccant to get your system back to full operation.


Manufacturers Served

New York Master Distributor
Atlas Copco


Gardner Denver   Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Service and Repair
Joy Kobelco Hitachi
Sullair Compair Curtis
Kaeser Anest Iwata  


 Pick Up and Delivery for all Air Compressor Repairs in the New York Metro Area!

How We Can Help Your Compressed Air System
  • Free Diagnostics
  • On-Site and Off-Site Repair Capabilities
  • Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • 47 Point Inspections
  • Oil Analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost Management Programs
  • VSD Retrofits
  • Air Usage and Reliability Audits
  • Refrigeration Certified
  • Ultrasound Air Leak Detection
  • 24/7 Emergency Air Compressor Service
  • Full Rental Fleet
  • 21,000 Square Foot Repair Shop
  • SPM Monitoring
  • Air End Rebuilds/Trade in Programs
  • Installations
  • Control Upgrades
  • Compressed Air Dryer Repair
  • Large Selection of Air Compressor Repair Parts
  • Laser Alignment

Air Compressor Replacement and Installations New York City & Long Island

Air Compressor Install & Replacement NY 

Air Compressor Installation New York & Long Island

Air Compressor Installation New York City & Long Island

Pharmaceutical, Air Compressor Installation New York City & Long Island


Portable Diesel Air Compressor Repair  Portable Diesel Air Compressor Repair NY Ingersoll Rand and Kaeser Tow Behind Air Compressor Repair NY
  • Air-End Rebuilds                         
  • Engine Rebuilds and Swaps
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • EPA Compliant Exhaust Upgrades
  • Exhaust Rebuilds
  • Custom Hose Reel Mounts


 Does it Seem Like your Air Compressor is Always Requiring Service? 

A Compressed Air System can be very reliable if it is designed properly and maintained properly.  Many times the root cause of a recurring problem has nothing to do with the actual air compressor, but rather the application of the compressed air.  Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Common Symptoms Common Causes

Producing More Water Than Air

My Tools and Equipment are Failing

  • Undersized Air Dryer
  • Oversized Air Compressor
  • No Drip Legs
  • Poorly Designed Air System  
Air Compressor Runs Constantly
  • Undersized Air Compressor
  • Small Storage Tank
  • Improper Air Regulation
  • Undersized Air Pipe
  • Air Leaks
  • Large Pressure Drop

Whenever I Use a Tool The Compressor Starts Up

  • Improper Air Regulation
  • Small Storage Tank
  • Undersized Air Pipe
  • Large Pressure Drop

I Used to Have 125 PSI Now It’s More Like 100 PSI

Tools Farther From The Compressor Have Less Power

  • Large Pressure Drop
  • Undersized Air Pipe & Tubing
  • Undersized Air Filters
  • Undersized Air Dryer
  • Corroded Pipe
  • Too Many Bends in the System

Compressor Shuts Off and Needs to be Reset Frequently

  • Air Compressor Room is Poorly Ventilated
  • Air Compressor is Located in a Very Dusty Environment
I Keep Changing the Motor
  • Voltage is Not Consistent (Very Common in The New York Metro Area)
Why is My Electricity Bill So Large?
  • Air Leaks
  • Over-sized Air Compressor and Dryer
  • Improper Pressure Regulation
  • Small Storage Tank
  • Large Pressure Drop
  • Undersized Air Filters


Do You Know?

NYPA, LIPA and NYSERDA will pay you rebates for upgrading the efficiency or tank storage size of your compressed air system.  Contact Us to find out more. 631-342-1171 

Stop wasting your money by ignoring the underlying problem and get a comprehensive Compressed Air System Review by one of K&G's trained technicians.  Its free!

Phone: 631-342-1171

Email: Sales@kgpowersystems.com

•   Discharge of Air through an Orfice
•   Friction Loss in Compressed air Piping
•   Typical Rotary Screw Air Compressor Maintenance Schedule


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