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Centrifugal Pump Rebuild: Seal, Gasket, Bearings and Impeller Balancing Package Split-Case Pump Repair, Rebuilds and Installations Sewage Pump Repair and Rebuilds in our Long Island, NY Pump Repair Shop

Pump Repair New York

Pump Repair and Service NY

Established in 1949, KG Power Systems has become the leading Pump Service and Repair Shop in the NY Metro Area.  We specialize in repairing and troubleshooting New York's Commercial Pumps, Industrial Pumps, HVAC Pumps and Residential Pumps.  Throughout the years, we have grown by providing good customer service and a helpful attitude that has continued to keep NY’s Pumps running longer. 

Fast Response - Same Day Pump Repairs, New York Metro Area
  • Over 60 years of pump repair experience                        
  • Full on-site repair capabilities
  • 21,000 square foot pump repair shop
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Large stock of pump repair parts
  • Impeller balancing and shaft machining

Pump Repair Technicians located in: New York City, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens & The Bronx

Pump Technicians Located In:

  • New York City     
  • Long Island
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx

Sewage Ejector Repair, NYC Hospital

Fast Sewage Ejector Repair New York Metro Area

Pump Repair Process
  • On-site Troubleshooting
  • Removal of pump from jobsite (if required)
  • Disassembly and inspection of pump
  • Clean and sand blast all pump parts
  • Balance impeller (if required)
  • Replace seals, bearings, and worn grease lines
  • Custom gaskets
  • Assemble and hydrostatically test pump
  • Repair or change electric motor
  • Deliver and install pump
  • Laser Align any connections
  • Field test the repaired pump

Largest Pump Repair Center in the NY Metro Area

The beginning of our pump repair days started in a small shop in Wantagh, NY.  Since then, we have expanded into a larger more modern Pump Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY.  We have gained the experience and the capabilities to repair and rebuild New York’s Heat Transfer Pumps, Sump Pumps, Deep Well Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Split Case Pumps…etc.

60 Years of Pump Repair Experience!

Waste Water Pumps Commericial Pumps  HVAC Pumps Residental Pumps
  • Sump Pump
  • Effluent Pump
  • Sewage Pump
  • Grinder Pump
  • Pump/Basin Packages
  • Self-Priming Pump
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Circulator Pump
  • Turbine Pump
  • Double Suction Pump
  • Multi-Stage Pump
  • Booster Pump
  • Trash Pump
  • Booster Pump
  • Jet Pump
  • Irrigation Pump
  • Swimming Pool Pump
  • Circulator Pump
  • Submersible Pump
  • Diaphragm Tank

Duplex Sump Pump Installation

Control Panel Installation

& Troubleshooting 

Varriable Speed Pump Controls

  Duplex Sump Pump Installation, Control Panel Installation & Troubleshooting (Midtown, NY) Duplex Sewage Pump Control Troubleshooting and Repair NY Variable Seed Pump Controls; Installation and Troubleshooting


Pick Up and Delivery on all Pump Repairs to the New York Metro Area!

Recent Pump Repairs 
 Centrifugal Pump Laser Alignment & Motor Upgrade

Centrifugal Pump Laser Alignment and Motor Upgrade

Services Provided: Pump laser alignment, motor upgrade, motor base retrofit and parallel shaft coupling replacement.

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair, New York City Hospital

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair, NYC Hospital

Services Provided: Sewage pump removal, full pump rebuild, impeller trimming and balancing, pump shaft repair, seal replacement, bearings and grease line replacement, electric motor upgrade, sewage pump delivery and installation.

Submersible Turbine Pump Repair, Long Island College 

Submersible Turbine Pump Repair, Long Island College

Services Provided: Submersible Turbine Pump removal, pump rebuild, impeller balancing, pump shaft repair, seal replacement, full hollow shaft motor rewind, bearing replacement, reinstalled and tested repaired turbine.   


Fire Pump Repair & Testing Long Island & NYC

Fire Pump Repair & Testing New York City

Services Provided: K&G Power Systems was contacted to overhaul a 200 HP Fire Pump in Midtown, New York. The Fire Pump was inspected, repaired and overhauled. The motor was reconditioned and the leads were replaced. K&G reinstalled the reconditioned motor; laser aligned the pump connection and tested the pump.

Does Your Pump Leak More than it Pumps?
Let’s face it; your pump is only as good as its seal. Seals can be very effective, but they are also very delicate and the proper installation of a seal can extend the life of your pump and get rid of that puddle. Our NY Pump Service Team has over 60 years of experience replacing and custom building the proper seal for the job. Pump Repair Long Island New York, NY

Does Your Pump have a Damaged Shaft or Impeller?  Is the Pump Hard to Replace?

New York Property and Maintenance Managers go through this all the time, your pump lasted this long but now it takes 2-8 Months to replace the pump.  We have a full in-house Machine Shop in our Long Island Pump Repair Shop, allowing us to Machine a custom replacement shaft for fast turnaround.  We also have the capabilities to add material to your worn out impeller, turn the impeller down and balance the repaired impeller to its original size and specifications. 

When it comes to heat during a New York Winter you don’t have 2-8 Months, and this is why we emphasize fast turnaround and full Pump Rebuilds.

24/7 Emergency Pump Repair and Service in the NY Metro Area

New York Winters get cold and if you manage properties you know what feels it like to rely on heating pumps to keep your buildings warm through these NY Winters.  This is why we have invested in a large Pump Service Team to respond quickly to any pump emergency in the New York Metro Area.  We are ready to help you secure a successful and problem free heating season.     

Readily Available Pump Repair Parts for Quick Turnaround
Submersible Pump Reapair, Service and Installation Long Island, New York

Our Pump Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY has a vast inventory of pump replacement parts.  Including Impellers, Pump Seals, Pump Shafts, Pump Housings, Couplings, etc.




Laser Align Your Pump for Increased Pump Running Life Pump Laser Alignment New York City & Long Island

When swapping a motor or pump it is so important to Laser Align the connection. Many times when someone replaces a pump or motor they eye ball the pump connection. This causes excess vibration, damaged to the shaft, motor bearings, coupling, and decreases the running life of your pump and motor. Our Pump Service Techs are Equipped with a Laser Aligner to ensure a dead on straight connection.

Read more about the benefits of Pump Laser Alignment

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How We Can Help Your Pump

In-Shop Service On-Site Service
  • Pump Rebuilds
  • Impeller Trimming
  • Shaft Machining
  • Custom Seals
  • Sandblasting
  • Electric Motor Upgrade
  • Electric Motor Rewinds up to 400 HP 


  • Bearings, Seal & Gasket
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
  • VSD Repair
  • Control Diagnostic
  • Custom Seals
  • Coupling and Insert Replacement
  • Soft Foot Repair


Do You Know?

NYPA, LIPA and NYSERDA will pay you rebates for Pump Energy Upgrade Projects.  Contact Us to find out more. 631-342-1171 

Speak to one of K&G's Pump Techs.  631-342-1171 or Sales@kgpowersystems.com



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