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•   Air Compressor Service New York
•   Electric Motor Service New York
•   Pump Repair New York
•   HVAC Maintenance and Service
•   Process Blower and Vacuum Pump Service New York
•   Energy Audits
•   Portable Diesel Air Compressor Repair NY
•   Exhaust Fan and Ventilator Fan Repair NYC
•   Flood Damaged Motors and Controls NY
•   Generator Sales & Service NY
•   Variable Frequency Drive Service NY


Compressed Air Power Systems
Nitrogen Systems
Electro Mechanical Power Systems
Air Movement Systems
Portable & Stationary Power Systems
Pumps & Pumping Systems
Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Installation Capabilities and Materials

KG Power Systems has a large inventory of installation parts, componenets, and equipment. 

Compressed Air Piping Drain Traps

Electric Safety Switches

Oil Water Seperators
Transformers Tubing
Motor Conversion Bases Coil Hose
Filter - Regulators - Lubricators Hose Reels
Motor Conversion Bases Hangers & Kindorf



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